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Riverbanks Zoo & Garden- Columbia, SC

Four sea lions, a harbor seal and thousands of visitors have the opportunity to watch each other at the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden in Columbia, South Carolina, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated general contractor and a series of subcontractors who utilized rented construction equipment.

File:Riverbanks Zoo -South Carolina -USA-29July2004.jpgFrom 2014 through April 2016, a new sea lion exhibit was built at the popular South Carolina zoo that was designed to look like the famous Pier 39 wharf where sea lions bask on docks bordering San Francisco Bay. Although much smaller and with far fewer animals, the Columbia zoo exhibit offers a similar flavor of the San Francisco atmosphere where nature meets tourists.

To prepare for the one-acre sea lion exhibit near the zoo’s entrance, land was cleared and graded using dozers. To create the massive 250,000-gallon concrete pool with belowground bay windows for the animals and visitors, contractors used 200- and 350-sized excavators, as well as dozers and wheel loaders. Trench shoring was installed to protect workers from cave-ins as concrete was formed and poured to create the pool and exhibit area, as well as along utility trenches where water, sewer and electrical systems were installed. Rollers were used to compact the soil inside the pool area before the concrete was poured, and around the pool’s exterior.

Throughout the project, smaller earth moving equipment – skid and track steers – were used to contour the land and remove piles of debris in the confined area. Four-wheel-drive forklifts were deployed to move construction material around the job site and stage it for use by masonry and framing crews.

As the project neared completion, four-wheel-drive boom lifts were used to install lighting and electrical systems, and solar panels around the exhibit area. Scissor lifts were used indoors to install wallboards and paint, as well as install electrical conduit.

A new pedestrian bridge was also built at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden’s entrance, enabling visitors to safely cross railroad tracks on foot or by elevator to enter the city’s popular destination. Rental equipment was also used to clear the area, compact the soil and prepare the pedestrian bridge entrance for concrete pours and building construction.

Neff Rental’s Columbia, S.C., branch was the primary supplier of equipment to the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden’s general contractor, who, in turn, provided the equipment to their subcontractors.

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