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Fort Myers Natural Gas Power Plant Expansion

The expansion of a natural gas power plant in Fort Myers, FL, in 2015 with the addition of 603 MW of peak generating capacity occurred over about a year.

The project started with the erection of a concrete wall around the power plant. Soon after its completion, construction started on the creation of natural gas-fired power generating units.

Equipment used on the project included dozers and loaders for site clearing and a water truck to suppress the dust onsite throughout all phases of construction.

Backhoes and mini-excavators were used to trench footers for substations and the power plant foundations, as well as to dig trenches for underground electrical conduits. Skid steers filled trenches and smoothed hard to access areas of the job site, while hand-held compactors compressed the soil after the trenches were filled.

All-terrain forklifts moved steel frames and concrete blocks around the job site, while welders were used to erect substation structures.

Kubota utility carts were used to traverse the jobsite to carry personnel and small equipment.

When work started before sunrise, light towers illuminated the jobsite.

Most of the earthmoving, material handling and smaller equipment on the natural gas power plant expansion project was delivered and serviced by Neff Rental’s Fort Myers branch.

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