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Not Your Average Fuel Station

When we pull our trucks up to the gas pump to fill our 25 to 30 gallon tanks with fuel at a rate of about five gallons per minute, we don’t think too much about it.

Charleston Airforce BaseBut what if you had to fuel a fleet of C-17s, one of the world’s largest troop and cargo transport airplanes, as well as visiting aircraft from throughout the world? You would need a much larger pump to move a lot of fuel much faster.

In late 2012, the Department of Defense authorized the partial demolition and $22 million replacement of an out dated fuel storage and pumping facility at the Joint Charleston Air Base in Charleston, S.C.

As part of the old facility was demolished, a 3.36 million gallon bulk fuel storage tank, and two 840,000-gallon storage tanks were constructed, along with a 1,800-gallon-per minute pump house to deliver fuel to the airport’s flight lines. In addition, an existing eight-inch fuel transfer pipeline building was upgraded to include containment features, emergency generator, drainage and lead detection systems, and anti-terrorism protections.

Construction involved the use of an excavator for digging a trench for fuel pipes, a trench roller, a dump truck, a rough-terrain scissor lift, 6K and 8K forklifts with jib attachments for moving fuel pipes, a mini-excavator, a dump truck, as well as generators and a track loader with a sweeper attachment.

The project was completed on time in early 2014, and the facility is now pumping millions of gallons of fuel to aircrafts departing this vital transport base.

Neff Rental equipment from the Charleston, S.C., branch was used by the general and subcontractors to build the new aviation fuel storage and distribution facility for the Charleston Air Base. The branch team provided on-time deliveries and 24/7 service to the contractors, helping to ensure timely completion.

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