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Marine Corps Base Quantico upgrade

We often think of the Marine Corps as front-line, battle-hardened tips of the spear who fight their way to victory.

When they are not overseas, some Marines are temporarily and permanently stationed at the Marine Corps Base Quantico being trained on combat strategies, learning to fly aircrafts or attending officers’ school.

With Marines rotating through the base on temporary assignment, these members of one of the nation’s elite fighting forces need a place to live. Beginning in March 2015, construction started on a dining facility and four-story dormitory with a courtyard on the Marine base.

Over the course of the 18-month project, the general contractor rented a 200-size excavator, dozer, ride-on roller, dump truck and trench roller to facilitate completion of the building. Because heavy equipment and building materials were being hauled each day onto the job site, the dozer was in continual use throughout the project to scrape and level dirt roads that led into and surrounded the job site.

Trench safety equipment was used to prevent cave-ins while water and sewer lines were installed.

Neff Rental’s Manassas, VA, branch delivered and maintained equipment on the Quantico dining facility and four-story dormitory project. For more information about how Neff Rental can deliver equipment to your next dormitory construction project, contact us at 888-709-NEFF, or visit  to find equipment when and where you need it.

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