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Incinerator Project

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow do you get rid of 3,000 tons of trash each day while reducing the amount of waste buried in a landfill? Burn it and generate electricity.

That’s the solution that Palm Beach County, Florida, started using after opening a four-year $670 million trash-burning incinerator construction project in June. The incinerator project is projected to prolong the life of the county’s landfill in Riviera Beach for another 30 years.

Today, the Palm Beach County Sanitation Authority’s incinerator burns garbage, which boils water into steam. The steam turns turbines that are connected to generators to produce electricity for about 40,000 homes annually. The waste ash is buried in the county’s landfill.

Construction for the state-of-the-art trash burning facility started in 2012. After the land was cleared adjacent to an existing incinerator, the materials used to build the plant were staged in a nearby lay-down yard. Every day, tons of I-beams, pipes, rebar, forms and other construction materials were moved from the yard to the construction site by three 12,000-pound forklifts.

Cranes lifted the framework and exterior walls of the multi-story incinerator building. Workers on 60-foot boom lifts positioned the girders and connected the superstructure. Generators and light towers enabled workers to continue construction at night.

With completion in June 2015, the incinerator has been burning garbage and generating electricity for Palm Beach County residents.

Neff Rental provided the 12,000-pound forklifts on the incinerator construction project, as well as excavators for land clearing, a welder, boom lift, light towers and a Bobcat utility cart for workers to get around the job site. Before starting an incinerator construction project, contact the closest Neff Rental branch at or by calling 888-709-NEFF to determine how we can assist you with the right equipment and 24/7 service and support.


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