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Fort Carson Multi-Purpose Range Complex

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was tasked to make significant modernization upgrades to Fort Carson, CO, Digital Multi-Purpose Range Complex in 2013.

Fort CarsonEstablished during World War II, the range complex was comprised of two areas that were used to train tens of thousands of infantry in small arms, artillery and tank corps troops for the past 70 years.

The U.S. Army wanted a more sophisticated system for monitoring the accuracy of soldiers firing the weapons, while also upgrading their skills and capabilities on state-of-the-art weaponry.

The $20 million project called for combining two separate ranges, as well as the installation of 35 miles of underground high-voltage cable and 26 miles of fiber optic cable; moving 500,000 cubic yards of dirt to construct target pits and tank trails; new road construction and grading; drainage systems; machine gun bunkers; five camera towers; 100 stationary armored and 44 stationary infantry targets; and six mobile armored targets that covered a distance of 1.5 miles. The project also included the construction of various buildings.

To move the earth, 350-, 210- and 140-size excavators and wheel loaders were used by the contractor.

Motor graders, cabbed track loaders and backhoes were used to grade roads and dig culverts.

Mini-excavators and trenchers dug trenches to bury electrical and fiber optic conduit. Plate compactors were used to compact the soil in the filled-in trenches.

Four-wheel-drive, all-terrain forklifts were used to move building materials around the job site. Boom lifts were used by workers to install windows and roofs.

Smaller equipment, such as cut-off saws, a Georgia buggy and compressors were used for construction and demolition.

As the year-long project drew to a close and the contractor faced deadlines, light towers were delivered to the job site for night work.

Neff Rental’s Denver branches provided earthmoving, material handling, aerial and small equipment to the Fort Collins Multi-Purpose Range Complex job site. Neff Rental’s Littleton, CO, branch mechanics, drivers and sales reps had carded access to the base to deliver 24/7 service and support to the contractor.

Whether constructing U.S. military live-fire training ranges or constructing buildings on military bases, contact the nearest Neff Rental branch for quotes before the project starts and to source equipment after it begins at or 888-709-NEFF.

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