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The City of Tempe needed to solve a dam problem

The City of Tempe needed to solve a dam problem. An inflatable rubber dam that held back the water flow of the Salt River that flowed through downtown Tempe and created the Tempe Lake burst in 2010, spilling more than a billion gallons into the dry river bed. Installation of a temporary rubber dam solved the short-term problem until a more durable dam could be planned and built.

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In late 2014, the city began construction on a new steel dam, which included 8, 17-foot-high gates weighing 232,000 pounds and extend 106 feet across the riverbed. 16 hydraulic cylinders, each 27 feet long, raise and lower the steel gates individually to allow for flows.

About 61,100 tons of concrete was poured into the river bottom, creating a foundation to hold the dam, which was mounted between two new riverbank abutments and 7 concrete piers.

Earth moving equipment that was used to build the new dam included excavators to excavate a trench to relocate a 108-inch storm water pipe, to dig footings and to clear sand and mud from the bedrock for the concrete dam base. Mini-excavators were used to trench utility infrastructure. An 800-gallon vacuum trailer sucked out dirt and rocks to quickly excavate small holes and clean out narrow trenches. A water truck sprayed water on compacted soil and on dirt roads to keep the dust down.

To move material around the job site, 8K and 10K all-terrain forklifts delivered pipes and rebar where it needed to be. A 60-foot boom lift was used to install electrical systems. A concrete vibrator was used to remove air from the dam’s foundation.

Contractors used a 35KW generator to power the construction trailer, and a 185 compressor and chipping hammers for concrete finishing work.

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