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Hotels Built and History Preserved

Building two hotels, retail space and a parking garage on about two and half acres in a busy downtown is challenging by itself. But when coupled with a single job site entrance and other construction projects on the same street, you have a recipe for complications.

charlestonFortunately, in Charleston, S.C., a city known for fine restaurants, the contractors building the $80 million Charleston Midtown Hyatt Place had the right recipe to complete their job on time and enable the owners to begin serving guests when they expected.

Ground was broken on the 2.4-acre site in August 2013 to build the Hyatt House and Hyatt Place hotels with 304 combined guest rooms, as well as a seven-story, 400-space parking garage, and commercial space. A nearby laydown yard was used to stage building materials and equipment. The general contractor used a reach forklift in the yard to offload delivered building materials and to transport materials to the job site.

The job started with dozers and wheel loaders clearing the land and removing hundreds of years of debris from the area. Excavators were used to dig the buildings’ foundations. Because the water table is three to four feet below the ground in Charleston, industrial-sized pumps sucked water from the excavation site, enabling concrete contractors to pour footers on bedrock about 20 feet below the surface.

As construction started on the buildings and cinder blocks started to rise out of the foundation, mini-excavators were trenching to prepare for water, sewer and electrical systems, and workers with chipping hammers powered by compressors were deployed to open spaces for conduits. Sparks flew as chop saws cut rebar. Crews operated track skid steers to fill in trenches and jumping jack tamps to compact the soil in the trenches.

As the buildings’ rose higher, masonry crews used 10K forklifts to lift building material to the buildings’ upper levels. Mixers made mortar for crews to install blocks. Boom lifts enabled crews to install windows, apply concrete sealer and paint and brick the buildings. Inside the buildings, plumbing, air conditioning, fire suppression and electrical crews rose to the ceiling with scissor lifts to install pipes, conduit and ducts.

Two historic buildings dating from the 1700s were preserved on site and converted for commercial use. Forklifts and boom lifts were used to lift construction material and for crews to access and repair the buildings’ exteriors.

With one entrance into the job site, getting in and out with equipment was a challenge. Equipment deliveries were scheduled to minimize congestion on the Hyatt job site, as well as other job sites in the area. Equipment maintenance was also challenging and had to be coordinated with other construction activities, sometime requiring mechanics and drivers to wait until concrete pours were completed and other vehicles were off the job site.

Neff Rental’s Charleston branch rented most of the equipment to contractors building the Hyatt House and Hyatt Place hotels, parking garage and commercial space, and to restore the historic buildings. Neff Rental representatives worked with the contractors to ensure that they had the equipment that they needed on time and that it was well maintained, enabling the hotels to begin receiving guests in October 2015.

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