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Another Aldi Food Market is Here

Aldi Food Markets are expanding throughout South Florida to serve middle-income consumers with a small warehouse-style grocery store. With store sizes ranging from several thousand square feet up to 18,000 square feet, and up to 85 parking places, the stores target consumers with 1,300 of the more commonly purchased household items.

When an 8,000-square-foot Aldi Food Market was built in late 2015 and early 2016 in West Palm Beach, FL, the contractor and subcontractors used a variety of equipment to complete the job. A 200-size excavator was used for demucking the soil and preparing the building pad. A mini-excavator dug trenches for underground utilities. A three-yard wheel loader was used to scoop and dump a composite of sand and rock on the site to lay the building pad. A grader and a roller were used to level and compact the building pad and surrounding parking lot areas.

The concrete subcontractor used a concrete vibrator to agitate air pockets from the poured floor slab. Hammer drills were used to cut opening paths for utility conduits, while a forklift with block forks was used to move cinder blocks from the laydown area, to the masons erecting the grocery store’s walls.

The new Aldi Food Market in West Palm Beach was completed in seven months.

Neff Rental’s West Palm Beach branch supplied the equipment to earthmoving and concrete contractors on the project.

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