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New Cruise Terminal Built

A new cruise terminal and berth built in 2014 and 2015 to accommodate the largest cruise ships in the world recently opened at Port Canaveral, near Merritt Island, FL.

port canaveralThe 187,000-square-foot facility, 1,400-foot-long berth and a 1,000-vehicle parking garage were completed in December 2014 after a year-long construction program that involved demolition of an existing berth, dredging the slip to depths that can accommodate today’s largest passenger ships, as well as 6,000-guest ships currently in production.

The $64.3 million project required hundreds of construction workers to complete, most of which rented earth moving, material handling, aerial and concrete equipment.

During the demolition phase, excavators with hammers and compressors with chipping hammers were used to demolish an outdated concrete berth, and loaders and trucks were used to haul away the debris.

While the new berth was being built, long-reach excavators were rolled on barges to dredge the slip where cruise ships would dock. Because the area has manatees, a watcher was required to ensure that there were no manatees nearby when the bucket was dipped in the water to scoop out more sand and stone. A loader transferred the material from the barge to trucks, which hauled it away.

On shore, track skid steers backfilled behind the newly constructed berth, dozers graded, rollers compacted fill, and plate compactors leveled and compressed the earth behind the new concrete walls. When thousands of yards of concrete were poured behind the berth to lay the foundation for the wharf and the cruise terminal, concrete vibrators and skimmers were used to help complete the job.

As the terminal and gangways were constructed, reach forklifts were used to haul and raise girders and cross members to locations in the terminal. Mini-excavators with augers drilled holes for light poles. Street sweepers cleaned up dirt and debris from construction vehicles in paved areas.

In order to efficiently access the port without an escort from the contractor, Neff Rental, which supplied a substantial portion of the rented equipment on the Port Canaveral construction project, was sponsored by one of the contractors. Consequently, its badged employees could enter the secure facility without delay – speeding the equipment deliveries and enabling the construction company personnel to stay focused on their work.

Neff Rental’s Merritt Island team stayed on top of the project, delivering quality and reliable equipment when it was needed, and providing 24/7 service when called upon.

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