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Tier 4: The Next Generation Engines

Tier 4 EngineIn today’s world, all sectors of business are finding ways to become more environmentally friendly while maintaining efficiency and work output. This movement also holds true for equipment manufactures building construction equipment. One of the greatest advances today in green technology for construction machinery is the Tier 4 Engine. A Tier 4 Engine is a very low near zero emission diesel engine that is at the peak of clean functioning and technological advancements.

Technology Behind a Tier 4 Engine

This engine utilizes high-pressured fuel injectors that inject diesel into the engine at up to 40,000 psi. This compares to older engines that only run at 300-600 psi. This markedly increased pressure allows...

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To Rent or Not to Rent. Tier 4 is the question.

Duluth Mechanic WorkingMaking the right decision for your business doesn't always come easy. With ample research and crunching numbers, you often need to determine which option will save you time and money. So, when it comes to construction equipment with Tier 4 Engines, is it better to rent or own?

Tier 4 engines are in a variety of construction equipment. As of 2012, all new machines between 175 and 750 horsepower have to be Tier 4-compliant. These machines have engines with advanced emission control and are the latest technology. Whether you are the distributor, rental agency, or contractor, there are many questions you should first ask yourself when determining if you...

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