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Doosan DX300 LC Excavator

The Doosan DX300 LC-5 excavator delivers the reach, power and break out force needed to get heavy earthmoving jobs completed quickly and efficiently.

The 271 horsepower DX300 has a maximum digging reach of 36 feet 7 inches with its standard arm, and 3 feet more with a long arm. With 24 feet, 8 inch maximum digging depth with the standard arm, the DX300 will excavate 1.95 cubic yards of dirt and debris with each scoop.

Tier 4 compliant, the DX300 is optimized to provide more power than previous models with reduced fuel consumption. The Tier 4 system uses a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, and a diesel...

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Pronovost P-516 Dump Trailer


The Pronovost P-516 dump trailer is a practical alternative to a dump truck when working in confined spaces or with smaller loads.


P 516When hitched to a tractor or pick-up truck, the P-516 is a durable and maneuverable dump trailer.


The P-516 has an overall length of 166 inches and an overall width of 86 inches with an interior dimension of 55inches by 117 inches. Its tandem axles and four tires can support up to eight tons of dirt, rock, building materials or agricultural supplies.


A mini-excavator, skid steer or backhoe can easily clear the 32-inch bed height and 16-inch side panels and 24-inch front and back panels.


The P-516 dumps loads from three sides, making...

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Ingersoll Rand 2A2SA Chipping Hammer

The Ingersoll Rand 2A2SA chipping hammer is a reliable and durable tool that is used widely in construction and industrial applications for bridge decking, stripping, concrete surface preparation, demolition work, metal removal and other applications.

Powered by an air compressor with a minimum of 90 PSI and a three-eighths inch hose attachment, the IR 2A2SA hammer delivers 2,300 blows per minute with an average two-inch stroke length.

The IR 2A2SA features a grooved barrel with a lock-spring retainer, a swan-neck handle, a long nozzle, and a threaded barrel and rubber buffered retainer.

A variety of chisels can be attached to the chipping hammer, including 12-, 18- and 24-inch moil point, narrow, two-inch wide...

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Multiquip QP3TH Trash Pump

When you have trenches or pits on your job site filled with water from a recent downpour or a rising water table, there’s a tool that you can use to quickly extract the water and keep your job going – a Multiquip QP3TH trash pump.

multiquip qp3th trash pump


Perfect for a variety of applications – from dewatering to water tank and water truck use –the QP3TH trash pump can pump up to 396 gallons of water per minute through its three-inch discharge ports, and with a maximum lift of 25 feet and a maximum head of 98 feet. An air-cooled, four-stroke 7.9 horsepower Honda GX240 gasoline engine, fueled by a 1.58-gallon tank, drives the...

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