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Category Archives: Completed Projects

Marine Corps Base Quantico upgrade

We often think of the Marine Corps as front-line, battle-hardened tips of the spear who fight their way to victory.

When they are not overseas, some Marines are temporarily and permanently stationed at the Marine Corps Base Quantico being trained on combat strategies, learning to fly aircrafts or attending officers’ school.

With Marines rotating through the base on temporary assignment, these members of one of the nation’s elite fighting forces need a place to live. Beginning in March 2015, construction started on a dining facility and four-story dormitory with a courtyard on the Marine base.

Over the course of the 18-month project, the general contractor rented a 200-size excavator, dozer, Read more

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden- Columbia, SC

Four sea lions, a harbor seal and thousands of visitors have the opportunity to watch each other at the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden in Columbia, South Carolina, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated general contractor and a series of subcontractors who utilized rented construction equipment.

File:Riverbanks Zoo -South Carolina -USA-29July2004.jpgFrom 2014 through April 2016, a new sea lion exhibit was built at the popular South Carolina zoo that was designed to look like the famous Pier 39 wharf where sea lions bask on docks bordering San Francisco Bay. Although much smaller and with far fewer animals, the Columbia zoo exhibit offers a similar flavor of the San Francisco atmosphere where nature meets tourists.


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Downtown Summerlin- Summerlin, NV

For six years, a steel and concrete skeleton of a partially constructed shopping center sprawled across acres bordering the Bruce Woodbury Beltway west of downtown Las Vegas, a casualty of the real estate collapse in 2008.

DowntownSummerlinInitially developed in 2007 as The Shoppes at Summerlin Centre to serve residents in the affluent suburb of Summerlin, NV, construction on the 106-acre development halted in 2008. After a business restructuring and with the resurgence of home construction, a new owner resurrected the 1.6 million-square-foot retail and 200,000-square-foot office space development as Downtown Summerlin.

A two-step demolition process on the unfinished buildings started in 2013 by a Houston-based company, with concrete break-out and steel tear-down activities...

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Fort Gillem makes way for new developments

Fort Gillem, a U.S. Army base south of the Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport, started a phased decommissioning process in 2005 with the sale of 1,170 acres to the City of Forest Park. The city began marketing the property, which resulted in leasing parcels of land to private developers for warehouse and business park development.

fort-gillem-entranceTo make way for the new developments, some of the old brick buildings that populated the former Army base had to be carefully removed to preserve some of the bricks for historic purposes, while other buildings were completely destroyed.

The demolition company charged with removing the buildings initially had six months to complete the project. The company ordered excavators,...

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