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Category Archives: Completed Projects

The City of Tempe needed to solve a dam problem

The City of Tempe needed to solve a dam problem. An inflatable rubber dam that held back the water flow of the Salt River that flowed through downtown Tempe and created the Tempe Lake burst in 2010, spilling more than a billion gallons into the dry river bed. Installation of a temporary rubber dam solved the short-term problem until a more durable dam could be planned and built.

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In late 2014, the city began construction on a new steel dam, which included 8, 17-foot-high gates...

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Marriott Crystal Shores Marco Island, FL

Construction on the $25 million twin-tower Marriott Crystal Shores resort that overlooks the white sandy shores along the Gulf of Mexico in Marco Island, FL, was recently completed.

Image result for marriott vacation clubStarted in late 2014, construction got underway for a 36-unit tower and a 112-unit tower. The two buildings are part of a four-building vacation resort that is part of the Marriott Vacation Club.

The concrete contractor used a 120-size excavator to dig footers for both buildings and move earth. The contractor also used...

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Fort Myers Natural Gas Power Plant Expansion

The expansion of a natural gas power plant in Fort Myers, FL, in 2015 with the addition of 603 MW of peak generating capacity occurred over about a year.

The project started with the erection of a concrete wall around the power plant. Soon after its completion, construction started on the creation of natural gas-fired power generating units.

Equipment used on the project included dozers and loaders for site clearing and a water truck to suppress the dust onsite throughout all phases of construction.

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Rockwood Color Pigment and Services Plant

Construction began in late 2014 near Augusta, GA., on one of the world’s most technologically advanced facilities that provided a consistent supply of high-quality color pigments to exterior paint and concrete customers throughout North America.

Costing about $115 million, the facility was the first new synthetic iron oxide pigments production plant to be built in the United States in about 35 years.

Site clearing started with tree removal, and land clearing and leveling with a dozer, while the plant’s foundation was dug with an excavator supplemented by a backhoe and skid steer. The contractor used a four-inch trash pump to dewater the foundation area after some rain. A...

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