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Road Technicians Needed

Customers depend on Neff Rental equipment to perform at maximum efficiency in order to complete their jobs on schedule. So when equipment breaks down, there is one person who is essential to helping the customer get back to work: The Neff Rental road technician.

road mechanicA Neff Rental road technician repairs and maintains Neff’s equipment at customer job sites. More than a mechanic, Neff Rental road technicians understand customers’ sense of urgency to resume their projects if equipment is not operating properly, and are courteous and considerate when they work with customers.

As a road technician, you are working around and operating heavy equipment on job sites where workers may be nearby,...

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Shop Technicians For Hire

When equipment is returned to the Neff Rental branch from a job site, another customer has usually already reserved it for its next rental. In order to quickly prepare the equipment for that new customer, a Neff Rental branch shop technician conducts Neff’s multi-point inspection, performs any required maintenance, undertakes repairs and only then drives the equipment to the ready line to stage the delivery to the next customer.

shop mechanicThe shops at Neff Rental branches are fast-paced environments. A shop technician may work on an excavator’s hydraulic system in the morning, an aerial man lift’s electronics in the early afternoon, and change a dozer’s oil and filter at the end of...

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The Branch Administrator

When a Neff Rental customer is invoiced, the administrator is the last person in the local branch to review the invoice information to ensure that the billing information is correct. When a new employee is hired, the administrator introduces the individual to Neff’s benefits and human resources policies. And when the branch manager needs to close the month-end books, the administrator assists with the process.

AdminNeff Rental branch administrators are pivotal members of the branch team, managing customer financial relationships while also supporting the branch manager, the service manager and the sales team in the branch operations.

Branch administrators have a keen business sense and a strong aptitude for developing and maintaining customer...

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CDL Drivers Wanted

On-time delivery of Neff Rental equipment helps our customers stay on schedule and meet deadlines. The branch employee who is most responsible for ensuring that the correct equipment is delivered on time and where it is needed is the Neff Rental CDL driver.

CDL DriverMore than simply drivers, the Neff Rental CDL driver loads equipment at the branch and unloads equipment at customers’ job sites. Oftentimes, drivers deliver equipment into job sites with limited maneuvering room, so Neff Rental drivers must be adept at seeing and implementing safe delivery solutions.

They also assist customers when needed to help them understand how to operate Neff’s equipment. When customers have finished using the equipment, the...

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