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Shop Technicians For Hire

When equipment is returned to the Neff Rental branch from a job site, another customer has usually already reserved it for its next rental. In order to quickly prepare the equipment for that new customer, a Neff Rental branch shop technician conducts Neff’s multi-point inspection, performs any required maintenance, undertakes repairs and only then drives the equipment to the ready line to stage the delivery to the next customer.

shop mechanicThe shops at Neff Rental branches are fast-paced environments. A shop technician may work on an excavator’s hydraulic system in the morning, an aerial man lift’s electronics in the early afternoon, and change a dozer’s oil and filter at the end of the day. The diversity of equipment and the challenge to perform repairs quickly and accurately makes working as a shop technician at a Neff Rental branch interesting and engaging for those who enjoy this kind of work.

When shop technicians are hired to work for a branch, they bring their own tools, and have a working knowledge of how to effectively and safely use their tools. Technicians must be able to clearly communicate equipment issues and understand assignments. In addition, they must have a working knowledge of individual equipment design and safety requirements.

Because Neff Rental is continually upgrading its fleet with late model Tier 4 equipment, we offer online and practical training courses for technicians to learn repair and maintenance procedures on the evolving technology.

Shop technicians’ essential responsibilities include:

  • Servicing, repairing, and preparing Neff Rental’s heavy construction equipment (earth-moving, material handling, compacting, trenching, and aerial, etc.) and ensuring that it meets quality and safety standards, and is in operating condition.
  • Maintaining up-to-date technical knowledge of all equipment.
  • Conducting preventative maintenance on a scheduled and regular basis.
  • Performing safety inspections on equipment and maintaining a clean and safe work environment.
  • Possessing good customer service skills to effectively communicate equipment issues with customers and other Neff Rental employees to provide customer satisfaction.
  • Meeting all company and governmental safety requirements.

The ideal requirements to be a Neff Rental shop technician include two to four years of service and maintenance experience on heavy construction and industrial equipment, including gas and diesel engines, hydraulic systems and electrical systems. Neff Rental technicians are able to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair most equipment.

Neff Rental shop technicians are critical to the successful operations of the local Neff Rental branch by performing quality repairs and providing outstanding customer service. Shop mechanic positions are available at some of our current 65 branches in 14 states coast to coast; and we are accepting applications for future branch locations as well.

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