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Road Technicians Needed

Customers depend on Neff Rental equipment to perform at maximum efficiency in order to complete their jobs on schedule. So when equipment breaks down, there is one person who is essential to helping the customer get back to work: The Neff Rental road technician.

road mechanicA Neff Rental road technician repairs and maintains Neff’s equipment at customer job sites. More than a mechanic, Neff Rental road technicians understand customers’ sense of urgency to resume their projects if equipment is not operating properly, and are courteous and considerate when they work with customers.

As a road technician, you are working around and operating heavy equipment on job sites where workers may be nearby, you must understand the necessity of equipment safety, as well as have a working knowledge of individual equipment design and safety requirements.

The Neff Rental road technician’s job includes:

  • Traveling to customer job sites to service, repair, and prepare Neff Rental’s heavy construction equipment (earth-moving, material handling, compacting, trenching, aerial, etc.) and ensure that it meets quality and safety standards, and is in operating condition.
  • Maintaining up-to-date technical knowledge of all equipment.
  • Performing safety inspections on equipment and maintaining a clean and safe work environment.
  • Conducting preventive maintenance on a scheduled and regular basis.
  • Possessing good customer service skills to effectively communicate equipment issues with customers to provide customer satisfaction.
  • Meeting all company and governmental safety requirements.
  • Performing on-call/off-hours emergency repairs at jobs sites as needed.

Neff Rental road technicians typically have two to four years of service and maintenance experience with a variety of heavy construction and industrial equipment; and, at a minimum, have a high school diploma. This experience should include gas and diesel engines, hydraulic systems and electrical systems. Neff Rental road technicians have their own tools, and know how to use them safely and effectively.

You also must have the ability to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair most equipment. You are expected to clearly communicate equipment issues, and understand verbal and written job assignments.

Neff Rental road technicians are typically one of the three people from the branch who come into direct contact with customers. As the face of Neff Rental, we expect our road mechanics to project the company’s high quality standards and customer service values.

Neff road technicians are critical to the successful operations of the local Neff Rental branch by helping to maintain and develop customer relationships with quality repairs and outstanding customer service. Road mechanic positions are available at some of our current 65 branches in 14 states coast to coast; and we are accepting applications for future branch locations as well.

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