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Discover Fulfilling Careers At A Neff Rental Branch

There are very few businesses where you can start as an entry-level employee and quickly be making significant contributions to their financial and operational success.
Neff TeamYou can have that opportunity at Neff Rental.

From your first day on the job at a Neff Rental branch, you are part of a vibrant and growing company whose success depends on how well you do your job. Whether a wrench is correctly torqued, a call is properly answered, a bill accurately invoiced, or a customer relationship is cultivated, every person influences its success.

There are also comparatively few businesses in the United States where a recent college graduate has the opportunity to join a company, excel at their job, receive intensive sales and management training, earn promotions and become a manager of a multi-million dollar branch business within a few years. At Neff Rental, we have people who have accomplished this – and more.

To someone who is unfamiliar with the flow of a branch operation, it may appear at first to be complicated. But from the other side of the front counter, inside the shop, at a desk in an office, or on the road, there is purpose in every action and spoken word.

Newly hired Neff Rental employees gradually see the flow of a process – an organized intent to serve our customers.

New sales coordinators are thrilled to book their first deals over the telephone. While that initial energetic thrill may fade as many others follow, there is still a strong undercurrent of satisfaction from continually connecting a piece of equipment to someone who needs it to perform his or her job.

The coordinator also receives rental orders from sales representatives who have visited customer job sites and offices to earn their business. Neff Rental sales reps develop relationships with customers and earn their trust with the help of the branch team by providing reliable equipment when and where they need it.

For the newly hired shop technician who starts the day rolling a 35,000-pound excavator into a shop bay to change the fluids, there is more to the job than just turning wrenches. Those who enjoy what they do want to make sure that the equipment they are servicing will work as it is supposed to for the customer. They also know that they must turn it through the shop as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure that it is ready to rent, or is ready to be loaded on to a truck for a scheduled delivery.

Should a piece of machinery need servicing or repaired at customers’ job sites, an experienced road technician travels to the location to perform the task.

No piece of Neff Rental machinery is moved to the ready line or is readied for delivery without being cleaned. It is the responsibility of the yard worker to ensure cabs are cleaned, windows washed and grime removed from the equipment.

The branch service manager keeps the repair process organized and running smoothly, prioritizing tasks to ensure that equipment is turned around on time, as well as ordering parts, training and monitoring new employees, dispatching road technicians, and a host of other responsibilities that keep a steady pulse on an organized operation.

The driver who delivers the equipment to job sites knows that the customer is waiting and needs what he’s hauling within a specific delivery time frame that was set by the coordinator. When the equipment is delivered and offloaded, the driver also answers any questions about equipment operations, particularly on the newer Tier 4 equipment. And, when it’s ready to be picked up, the driver brings the equipment back to the shop to be inspected and serviced before the next rental by a coordinator or sales rep.

The branch administrator manages the administrative end of the business, collecting money, checking credit references, preparing purchase orders, processing payroll and other tasks that comprise the branch’s administrative backbone. Not only do administrators interact with every branch employee, but they also cultivate deep relationships with customers.

The branch manager oversees every part of the organization, as well as training and coaching sales reps and coordinators to help them improve their performance, meeting with customers to deepen relationships and to resolve issues, as well as being responsible for the branch’s multi-million dollar financial operations.

Where customers may only see or speak to one person from one of Neff Rentals’ 65 local branches, that individual represents a team of people in a complex and interdependent organization who are working together to make sure that the right equipment is delivered on time, when and where it is needed; that it works as it is supposed to; and that customers are accurately billed for their use of the equipment.

For newly hired branch employees, it’s a fun, fast paced, eye-opening experience that soon becomes second nature.

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