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Stretch it Out!

Stretch? Most people would not consider working on a construction site to be an athletic event. But those who do dig with a shovel, pick up cinder blocks, or drive equipment know that it is not unusual to come home from work each day with sore muscles and aches.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent those after-work aches with a few minutes of warm-ups before beginning work.

Why is stretching important? The most common injury on a construction job site typically involves the back. Professional studies show that if a person injures their back, they are more likely to suffer a re-injury because they are used to the same behavior and repetition could...

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Kubota RTV400CI: A reliable and powerful utility vehicle

The Kubota RTV400CI is a reliable and powerful utility vehicle for superintendents and workers to safely drive across job sites.


Powered by a 16HP air-cooled, single-cylinder gasoline engine, the Kubota RTV400CI’s four-wheel-drive will take you across rough jobsites at up to 24 miles per hour without a problem. The engine’s electronic fuel injection (EFI) system helps eliminate cold starting issues and manual choke adjustments. The continuously variable transmission and inertial clutch keeps belts tight and provides dynamic braking, helping the driver to maintain control during descents with engine-assisted deceleration, supplementing the four-wheel disc brakes.

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2017 Hurricane season is upon us

For most businesses, there is enough warning of an incoming hurricane to batten down the hatches. With a few days’ notice of knowing when the storm will hit your location, there is a lot you can do to prevent damage. Small businesses can even take charge of the clean up after the hurricane.

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Preparing for the Hurricane

Locations with large storefronts need to put up plywood boards to act as shutters outside the glass. This keeps small debris from breaking a window and allowing water to come in. Inspecting the windows, doors, and roof before the storm hits is another good...

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