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Used Welding Equipment, Electric, Gas –
Neff Rental

Construction Welding Equipment Supplies

Get used welding equipment and welding equipment rentals from Neff Rental.  Neff branches rent and sell a variety of construction welders and general equipment, handheld tools, and larger construction site equipment.  Get all of the welders that your crew needs direct from Neff Rental.  Many of our pre-owned welding equipment categories (and equipment rental categories) include:

  • Electric welders – 350 4 PAC AMP, 400 AMP, 25-400 AMP, 8 PAC
  • Gas welders – 170-225 AMP
  • Plasma cutting units
  • Miscellaneous welding equipment (used sale or rentals)

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Welding Equipment Rentals

Your local Neff Rental branches have general rental service for construction equipment and vehicles of all types.  Get your welding equipment rentals at your local branch.  Our branches carry a variety of welders for various construction requirements and field use.  We also provide generators for electric welders for welding equipment and lighting at your jobsite.  Additionally, we offer short-term and long-term leasing options on all of our equipment.  Get the equipment to your crew when needed and pay only for the time you actually need to have the welding equipment on site.  Arrange construction equipment rentals with your local branch and schedule your deliveries 24/7, on your crew’s schedule.  Get the job finished with the right equipment available to your crew when needed.

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Purchased Pre-Owned Welding Equipment

Industries Served

Neff Rental provides new and used welding equipment sales, and construction and welding equipment rentals to local construction sectors.  Our service staff is here to assist any builders and many of our clients include:

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