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Good Things Do Come in Small Packages

Genie 5519 225x300 Good Things Do Come in Small PackagesWhen you need to move and lift building materials in a confined job site area over rough terrain, the Genie Telehandler GTH-5519 is the equipment you need to get the job done.

The GTH-5519 is a compact rough-terrain telehandler with operating features uniquely suited for close quarters. With a height of six-feet, four-inches and a width of five-feet, 11 inches; this forklift can squeeze through and under most tight spots.

The GTH-5519 has a maximum lift capacity of 5,500 pounds and a maximum lift height of 19 feet, enabling operators to reach and unload building materials to...

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Getting From Point A to B Just Got a Little Easier!

One of the 50 fastest growing airports in the United States is located near what used to be a sleepy, agricultural and resort community on Florida’s west coast. Today, Fort Myers is a sprawling city that is the hub of a high-growth region.

Southwest Florida International Airport RSW 300x199 Getting From Point A to B Just Got a Little Easier!To keep pace with change, the Southwest Florida International Airport has undergone a $39 million taxiway and terminal apron expansion during the past several years in preparation for more flights and a planned third runway.

From 2013 to mid-2014, approximately 175,000 square yards...

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Baby it’s Cold outside: Working in Chilly Weather

With temperatures dropping into the 20s and below in many states across the U.S., cold weather is definitely a safety concern. Snow removal equipment 300x225 Baby its Cold outside: Working in Chilly Weather

Operators of open-air equipment are exposed to wind, freezing rain and snow. Enclosed cabs afford some protection from the elements, but unless they are heated, operators can still be exposed to the cold.

It is important to not only dress warmly, but to be aware of the effect that cold weather and wind can have on your body.

When the body is unable to warm itself, serious cold-related illnesses and injuries can occur.


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Not Your Run of the Mill Roller

There are rollers, and then there is the Hamm 3307 vibratory compactor.

Hamm 3307 300x225 Not Your Run of the Mill RollerWhere many rollers simply compact the earth with brute weight, the 66-inch wide Hamm 3307 uses an intelligent vibratory compaction system to stimulate grains of earth to move and lock into position.

The Hamm 3307’s oscillation system automatically adapts to the rigidity of the subsoil.  As the machine passes over different soil types and densities, it automatically senses the rigidity of the soil and automatically adjusts the vibrations to the level of desired compaction.  This soil sensing adjustment, which occurs within 10 milliseconds and...

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