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Lockout/Tagout! Prevent Injury and Damage to Equipment

What should you do when the earth moving, material handling or aerial equipment that Lockout Tagout1 192x300 Lockout/Tagout! Prevent Injury and Damage to Equipmentyou plan to operate has a lockout/tagout hatched to it?  You should not try to start it. Whenever equipment is inoperable and idled on a job site, at least one lockout/tagout device must be attached to it, indicating that the equipment has been purposely disabled, according to Occupational Health and Safety Administration regulations (29 CDF 1910.147). The Department of Labor estimates that more than three million workers are at risk of injury if proper lockout/tagout...

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Top 10 OSHA Violations

OSHA Logo.jpg 300x86 Top 10 OSHA ViolationsAt the 2014 National Safety Council Congress and Expo, the year’s 10 most common OSHA violations were announced. While many of the hazards on this year’s top 10 have made an appearance in previous years, reviewing the current list can help increase awareness of these violations and hazards on your own jobsite.

  1. Fall Protection: Workers must be provided with fall protection when working at heights of four feet or greater. Protection along unprotected edges and sides and protection from falling objects are also covered under this standard.
  2. Hazard Communication: Safety data sheets and labels are required for chemicals found in the...
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Why Shoring Beats Sloping

Sbh s780 199x300 Why Shoring Beats Sloping

Shoring and shielding are both considered to be the safest and most economical methods of protecting workers from a cave-in at an excavation site. Whereas shields are used to protect workers from a cave-in at an excavation site, shores prevent cave-ins by supporting the walls of the trench with a system of hydraulic cylinders. There are some circumstances when one protection method is preferable over the other so when is it better to use shoring instead of shields?

There are certain applications where the versatility and flexibility of shoring makes it the ideal choice. Shores should be used instead of shielding...

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Need a Lift? Why Forklift Safety is Important

Heli FG60P Need a Lift? Why Forklift Safety is ImportantA forklift is a powerful piece of equipment for lifting heavy material. OSHA requires that every forklift operator be trained and certified to operate these machines in the workplace. Without proper respect and safety training, the forklift can also be dangerous.

Vehicle Turnover Concerns

One of the biggest potential safety concerns for a forklift is vehicle turnover. Forklifts weigh several tons to help counterbalance the weight of objects they lift and move. It is difficult to turn over such a heavy vehicle, but it does happen. To ensure that the driver...

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